Vax to the Future: An 80’s Party

Saturday, September 11
Door: | 8pm // Show: | 9pm
$12 to $125

What happens when you forget how to party? When it’s been too long and you just don’t know if you can cut footloose anymore? Well, that’s when you look to the past for inspiration. And there’s no better decade than the 1980s to help us to get back into the groove again! So whether that means putting on your best vintage duds or simply putting on a pair of pants, Vax to the Future is the perfect party for anyone that is looking to wear their favorite pair of sunglasses at night and dance to the ultimate 1980s mix-tape of memorable music.

Live Performances by

Film On Girls (80s covers)

DJ sets by

DJ Cadybug


1980s decorations

DJ Cadybug

One of the most passionate DJs in central Virginia, DJ Cadybug brings magic to every event she performs at. Remember that random song you loved so much back in the day? No problem if you don’t, because DJ Cadybug does. Just make sure your heart can keep up with her playlist!

Film on Girls

Film on Girls is a collective of diverse musicians with expertise in opera, heavy metal, synthpop and punk rock. Formed to bring the 1980s best new wave classics to fresh ears and audiences, Film on Girls embodies the electrifying spirit of that most neon of decades. Line-Up for Vax to the Future includes: Darrell “Heavy Beats D” Moran on drums, Shawn “Johnson” Decker on synths/vocals, Christina “Turner” Fleming on vocals, Nick “Cords Galore” Cordle on electric guitar with a special guest appearance by gothic rock “Idol”, Jeff Diehm.

THIS IS NOT A TICKET FOR ENTRY. YOU MUST ALSO PURCHASE A GENERAL ADMISISON TICKET FOR EVERYONE SITTING IN THIS SECTION. Enjoy the show from your reserved & raised section directly behind the soundbooth. This comfortable section, roped off for you and 9 of your friends, offers an elevated view of the stage as well as the crowd. Check in at the front door when you arrive.

TABLES: THIS IS NOT A TICKET FOR ENTRY. YOU MUST ALSO PURCHASE A GENERAL ADMISISON TICKET FOR EVERYONE SITTING IN THIS SECTION. Insure you have seating and a place to call home while enjoying the show. Reserve a table today for yourself and 4 friends! We will hold your table for 90 minutes after doors open. Check in at the front door when you arrive. Once checked in, you must hold the table yourself.

-Parking is available in side lot (by Exxon)
-No Smoking/Vaping permitted anywhere inside venue
-Bags/purses will be checked at the door.
-Must have ID for entry
-If you do not have access to a printer, we can scan ticket from your cell phone. Be sure to have your brightness turned all the way up at the door.
-Children under 3 years old are Free.
-Kitchen is open during all hours of operation.
-Appropriate clothing required at all times (tops and bottoms covered).
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