Formed in 2009, Beach Fossils is coming to a sold-out, dreamy show at the Broadberry this Saturday! Prepare your night for groovy and mellow sonics combined with daydream melodies to carry you to a care-free, musically induced coma. This indie pop band has been on an ascending continuum of creative output with relaxing instrumental arrangements paired with storytelling on the drags of everyday life and the gentle joys found within it. 

A four-piece band hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Beach Fossil has five albums that invigorate the audience with lyrics that are deeply meaningful and melodies that are nothing short of awe-inspiring, unwinding and uplifting. The band formed when the idea blossomed in music-pursuant, Dustin Payseur. It began as a solo project when Payseur relocated to the arts-center of New York, and it soon transmogrified into a materialized project with the creation of a fully-equipped band. Payseur quickly recruited other band members and what began as a solo dream turned into a reality of trans-country expeditions of well-reviewed music shows.  

Their first album, eponymously titled, came out in 2010 with their sophomore one, What A Pleasure (2011) releasing soon after. Clash the Truth (2013) and Somersault (2017) followed in pursuit to establish Beach Fossils as a promising soft-rock, indie band mix. The current lineup of Beach Fossils blends indie rock roots with pop-infused instrumentation found in the band’s use of acoustic and electric combinations. Lead-singer Dustin Payseur’s and Tommy Davidson’s guitar-playing, Jack Doyle Smith’s bass and Anton Hochheim’s drums create the inviting sound that is uniquely Beach Fossils’. 

The band uses a lo-fi style with atmospheric tendencies and Payseur’s laid back vocals to capture their crowds and create groovy, beach-inspired ambiences. Saturday is bound to be a night to remember for those who were lucky enough to snag some tickets! 

Make sure you check out The Broadberry to secure your spot for the next sensational show!

Words by Anna Menendez


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