“To be the best damn Allman Brothers tribute band in the world,” remarks Jeremy Simmons with a tinge of well-earned confidence when speaking on the mission of the locally renowned SKYDOG.

 Comprised of Virginia natives, the band admirably revives the music of the late brothers with a palpable passion that is so gleamingly apparent. 

As a band that has been playing for nearly 11 years, SKYDOG has earned a following that ranges from a nostalgic fanbase reminiscing on the Fillmore East years to an ecstatic crowd of rhythm and blues, rock, jazz, classic country and sheer music appreciators.

The idea of a band that entirely paid homage to one of the most iconic bands of their era has been in discussion amongst Simmons for decades. In 2009, the Simmons brothers and close friends brought that passionate dream into fruition. Following their initial formation, SKYDOG has since been living on the euphoric high that is inherent in the band’s performances. “As Duane would say, when you’re hitting the notes, there’s no better feeling” says Simmons in a conversation that makes it obvious he’s doing what he loves. With the high energy of their crowds propelling the band to perform with an uninhibited perseverance, SKYDOG thrives in the beautifully unmatched experience that is innate in their shows. 

SKYDOG embodies what it means to be fervidly passionate about what they do: performing art that resonates with people. And they, as Jeremy Simmons would say, “have a damn good time doing it.”

Preserving in the face of doubt when questions like, “can we pull this off?” and “can a group of guys come together and make this magic?” arose; SKYDOG has been on a rocking highway of resurrecting performances. With uplifting arrangements that are integral to the sound of the Allman Brothers, SKYDOG is a band that represents the traits of brotherhood, revitalized output and musical dexterity. 

The current line-up is a seven-piece blend of well-seasoned musicianship that defines the beloved sound of the Allman Brothers to an unapologetic likeness. The band is made up of Keith Cable (drums, percussion), Joey Ciucci (organ, electric piano), Brian Fones (guitar, vocals), Jason Neal (drums), Dusty Ray Simmons (drums), Jeremy D. Simmons (bass, vocals) and Brian “Willie” Williams (guitar). 

Make sure you grab your tickets for a night of rocked out, revitalized roots, and we’ll see you at The Broadberry this Saturday!

Words by Anna Menendez


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