Flor bridges the gap between artist and listener in nearly every sense of the dichotomy and it was made especially present at the Broadberry’s show this past Tuesday. With unfiltered communication, raw vocals and organically arranged instrumentation, the Oregon-rooted and Los-Angeles based, four-piece band put on a show that immediately befriended the intimately-sized crowd. A modest portrayal of musicians who create art as a creative outlet, connecting with people and genuinely enjoying the work they do, flor captivated the audience with their sincerity while on stage. 

With echoing chants, acoustic guitars, steady beats, fluid grooves, luxuriant synthesizers and emotionally-charged lyricism, flor successfully proved themselves as a band that integrates pop alt with ambient sonics. Their set reidentified what it means to be awakened with revelations of self-journeying, the inherent struggles that come in tandem, and the triumphant self acceptance that follows. The confidence portrayed in flor’s lyrics was met equally with their transparent and amiable demeanor on stage.

The band began with a promise from vocalist, Zachary Grace, to give their crowd “nothing less than excellent”. Excellence was, in fact, given with ambiently-sounded synth laced with echoed sonics. Grace proceeded through the duration of the show, gleaning with a contagious elation, and a fine demonstration of his vocal flexibility, alternating between high and low octaves. 

The band’s current lineup consists of Grace on vocals, Dylan Bauld on bass, McKinley Kitts on guitar and Kyle Hill on the drums. Performing originals and rearranged tunes of the dreamy Coldplay, the band used 80’s inspired synth to create catchy synth arrangements, fulfilling their reputation as a spectacular fusion of indie rock and synth pop. 

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